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William Cheyne

Translator, proofreader & copyeditor
French, Italian > English

Welcome! My name is William Cheyne, and I am a native English speaker and professionally trained linguist based in Monmouthshire, UK.

I provide the following three language services

  • Translation of French/Italian documents into English 

  • Proofreading of translated or standalone documents in English

  • Copyediting of translated or standalone documents in English



I am highly communicative, providing my clients with regular updates on their projects and control over choices such as terminology, tone, style and formatting. 

When translating, I use computer assisted tools (CAT) so that terminology is consistent across documents.

Combining attention to detail with stylistic flexibility, I endeavour to produce precise, nuanced and clear content.



  • Commercial material (articles of incorporation, calls for tenders, business plans, product descriptions, website translation, etc.)

  • Financial texts (balance sheets, income statements, statements of cash flow, tax treaties, etc.)

  • Legal documentation (contracts, wills, trusts, service agreements, purchase orders, trademark licensing agreements, lease agreements, property agreements, court proceedings, etc.)

  • Official documents (certificates, degree transcripts, marriage/death certificates, etc.)

  • Touristic and promotional literature (brochures, pamphlets, descriptions of attractions, press releases, social media campaigns, etc.)

  • Energy/environment (supply contracts, renewables, waste disposal, land use documents, planning applications and related official documents and formal correspondence)

  • Insurance related documents

I am also happy to occasionally cover other topic areas, for example academic papers, press releases and university theses.


However, if I consider a text to fall outside my subject knowledge, I will endeavour to recommend a more suitable translator instead. This includes other translators who work in other language combinations: for example, I work with a professional, mother-tongue translator from English to Italian, whose website is



I’ve been translating for ten years, forging relationships with both agency and direct clients in the UK, France, Belgium, Italy and beyond. 

In December 2012, I graduated from Bath University with the MA in Translation and Professional Language Skills, having graduated from Durham University the previous year with a BA (Hons) in Modern Languages. My Masters thesis, which centred on the translation of three contemporary Breton short stories, was awarded a distinction and subsequently published in e-book format.

As a member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders and Emerging Translators Network, all my work adheres to the strictest professional standards, meaning you can always rest assured of the quality of my services.

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I have built a range of solid relationships with clients and language companies of varying size and scope in the UK and mainland Europe.

My direct clients include academics, start-ups, small to medium sized retailers, advertising agencies and private individuals.


“I have known William for 8 years and since then, we have partnered together as translators; he has experience in translating court documents, criminal record extracts and other official Belgian documents, which he translates in a very punctual, precise and professional manner. So I highly recommend William to your firm.”
Valérie Girardi, owner of Version Française


Translation of collaboration agreement:

“Thank you for this work, I have nothing to say, it's perfect!”
Guillaume Santin, CEO of Maison Grise 



Translation of insurance policies:

“You translated a large project for Apgis in December. The client received it safely and she really liked your work.”

Laura Verkindt, project manager


Translation of CV:

“I have read the translated CV and it's really well done, so thanks a million!”

Federico Negri, banking and financial services professional


Translation of literary works:

“William translated three of my stories with precision and subtlety, managing to convey the tone of the French original with finesse in English.”
Georges Quiniou, honorary university professor 


Proofreading and revision of CV:

“Thank you, William, your revisions were very clear and, among other things, very well done. You managed to interpret my ideas perfectly, congratulations!”
Rosamaria, translator





Request a free quote – no obligation! 

I aim to reply within 24 hours, suggesting a tailor-made service and price to match your requirements. 

I look forward to working with you!

Thanks for submitting!

+44 7952 151734

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